Trip to Japan - March 13th

March 13th:
I got up, rechecked all my luggage, searched around my room making sure nothing was left, then I hopped into the car with my parents and headed off to Portland International Airport. Once there I took my luggage to the United counter and got them weighed. 69.6lbs for one bag and 65lbs for the other. Charge for luggage = $0. Military ID(even if it is expired) allows me 3 check-in baggage of 70lbs each.

After dropping off my bags at the TSA scanners I had about an hour and half till I could board the plane. So, I went and had breakfast with my parents. I could tell the entire time they really did not want me to go. An earthquake and giant tsunami happened just days prior. However, this had been a goal of mine for 10 years, I wasn't going to cancel it. Besides, I'd rather be in Japan if an earthquake happened than in Oregon.

After breakfast I boarded a plane bound for San Francisco, California from Portland, Oregon. From there I headed to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan via Japan Airlines International (JAL). It was a surprisingly nice 11 hour flight. Service was top notch! Had some pasta with salmon and seafood curry. The plane was sparsely populated and I had no one sitting next to me. I watch many movies and played some Valkyria Chronicles 2.

I tried to take some pictures of Tokyo at night but it proved nigh impossible for my camera.

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