Trip to Japan - March 14th

March 14th:
Landed in Haneda at 9:30pm (A whole hour before the scheduled time!). Proceeded through customs. Tried to take a picture but the second I pulled out my camera the custom agents started walking towards me so I put it back. Took about 30 minutes to get the bags. Everything else took maybe 5 minutes in customs. Haneda is a beautiful airport!

After I got my bags I went to the money exchange counter with about 400 travelers checks and proceeded to take an hour of their time XD I was standing there with a backpack, a small carry-on suitcase(with my 3 daughters inside), and two gigantic suitcases. I am sure many Japanese got a good laugh at the skinny American lugging around these giant bags ^^

After getting my money converted to yen I immediately picked up my Pasmo card. Then I took the Keikyu line to Keikyu Kamata and walked to my first Hotel, Urbain Kamata Annex. Getting on the right train was very easy. As long as you know your destination it is easy to get on the right train.

The walk to the hotel was easy because I burned the images of the street into my eyes before I left. Thank you Google Street View and Google Maps. The room was tiny but useable. I was actually dead tired since I did not sleep on the plane and my biological clock was already set to Japan time. No jet lag for me! No aftershocks felt...yet.

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