Trip to Japan - March 15th

March 15th:
Got up at 7am and got ready for the day. I went down to the lobby because I wanted to ship my bags to the next hotel. The hotel steward didn't speak a lick of English and my Japanese is the equivalent of a 1st grader.

Eventually, through gestures, everything was settled and understood. Left the hotel and shipped my bags at the local 7-11 via Kuroneko Yamato service to the next hotel. That is something I won't do again. 4000yen for shipping ><

Headed back to Keikyu Kamata and took the train to Yokohama station then over to the JR trains and took one to Kannai. Checked into the Washington Hotel. Headed to my company's office to get repayment and check in. Was informed of training the next week and then said they would send someone to the hotel tomorrow to take me down to get my alien registration card, phone, bank account, and apartment keys. After all that I was free for the day. I spent about 7 hours walking around Yokohama blindly. Eventually I stopped in at a random restaurant and ate....something. Still no idea what it was haha.It was good though!

At 10:30 had a nice quake up on the 11th floor. The hotel shook for a good 5 minutes. Proceeded down the stairs with a bunch of other residents. Eventually went back up and went to bed.

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