Trip to Japan - March 16th

March 16th
Got up at 9am and stood waiting for the helper, who decided to show up at 10:30am. Headed over to Hinodecho station and down to Yokosuka-chuo station. Talked a bit on the train with helper but also spent a lot of time staring out the windows.

Once at Yokosuka-chuo we proceeded to the real estate agent where I got the keys to my apartment. Then headed to city hall and applied for alien registration card and health insurance. The way you apply for registration and health insurance was a bit silly. We had to walk back and forth about 15 times between lines. An elderly Japanese gentleman, who had very good English, commented that the whole process was ridiculous and he was sorry that the government can't be more efficient. I laugh and said "Its ok, What government is efficent anyway?". Eventually I got my temporary paper so I can get a bank account and phone.

After that we headed across the street to the JP Bank. Company forces people to go with JP Bank unfortunately. The process there was quite easy however the helper screwed up my name in katakana and now I'm dealing with the annoyance of that. (If your name in katakana does not match your bank account bills/paperwork will be returned to you to update) I was unaware they wrote it wrong till later(I informed them 5 times before the bank how to write my name, they ignored me ><;) After that we got some udon at a small shop. It was pretty good.

Then came the most annoying part of the day. We headed to Softbank and after waiting an hour in line (there was 1 person in front of us lol) we finally got seen. They refused to put me on a 2 year contract and said I had to pay for my phone upfront. I learned later that AU would of put me on a 2 year contract and I could of got a better Android phone. orz Thankfully I didn't want an iPhone because that is 83000yen up front. I went with an android phone for 23000yen. Signed up for the unlimited data/txt plan and got the white plan free(980 discount). After being in Softbank for two and a half hours we headed to my apartment! In the states it took me maybe 15 minutes to sign up with AT&T.

Yokosuka-chuo -> Hemi Station
My apartment is about 5 minutes from the station but it is a nice long walk uphill XD Which now makes it true when I say "I walk to school uphill both ways" because I really do!

Stepped into apartment and immediately started planning where to put everything. Most of my furniture would arrive the next day. Thank you!

After checking everything we headed back up to Yokohama.
Went back to hotel and learned something lovely. Hotel was kicking everyone out and moving them to their Sakuragicho hotel! They had to close for earthquake inspection! They did pay for the taxi and carry my two insanely large bags out(70lbs each bag). The taxi driver would not let me help him ; ; I felt bad having him lift those bags but he would not let me help.

Arrived at Sakuragicho Washington Hotel and had another quake at 10:30pm. It didn't really phase me. I was already getting used to them...

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