Trip to Japan - March 17th to 25th

March 17th:
Headed down to apartment to get packages and wait for NTT.
NTT showed up and installed the net fast and left. Desk and bed showed up and I spent hours putting them together. Occasionally dropping stuff and making loud noises which I hoped were not pissing off my neighbors too bad ^^;
Bedding never arrived so I headed back up to the hotel. Still had one more night on the company's dime so decided to use it!
Another small quake around 10pm.

March 18th:
Bedding arrives! Computer from the states is still not here yet. I check tracking and see it is being held by customs...oi. I call customs and they refuse to talk to me because their English speaker is not there. They do ask if I have an unaccompanied baggage form and I say no. They say they will call back Tuesday. oi oi oi

March 19th:
I go shopping at the local Seiya and Daiei. I find the wonderous 100yen shop and proceed to buy tons ^^;
I have a ridiculous amount of cardboard and styrofoam and no idea where or when to put it out. I call the City Hall English line that is "suppose" to be open from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. Lady there doesn't know what I am talking about. "I need to know when to put out cardboard and styrofoam for garbage collection" She says the main English staff will call back on Tuesday. Oh well!

March 20th:
Repeat March 19th lol!

March 21st:
First day of training. least we are getting paid. Waiting for Tuesday to get here.

March 22nd:
I call customs at 9am, the second they open. The gentlemen asks me again if I have an unaccompanied baggage form. I tell him no and he then says I will have to pay a 20000yen customs fee. I pause for a moment before saying "There is no way the fee is 30% of the price of the insurance on the package". He then says it will be 200 yen fee. I am completely confused now and just end the call after they say it will be delivered by the post office.

March 22nd:
More training oi...

March 23rd:
Training but computer comes in and the customs fee is...................................2500yen! I payed it because at this time I just want my computer. Setup computer and it works fine. Internet does not....I try to understand the directions and install the CDs given. Nothing works. I give up and go to sleep.

March 24th:
I wake up with an idea. I look through the CDs and find a html file called "Cannot connect". Thankfully it has pictures. Turns out they connect completely different than the USA. They use PPPOE connection, arg. I setup PPPOE connection and bam I have net. Too bad I have to leave for training ^^;
The US just hooks it up and you plug it right into your PC and boom its good to go. Or you can hook it up to a router and boom still works. Not this connection. Also, tried to setup router to connect and it does but even though it gives me an IP the net does not work. Oh well.

March 25th:
Last day of training and we get health checks! It was similar to Danny's annual checkup but we didn't get to drink barium! I even asked for that test! XD It was really fast but the blood test wasn't too good. I got the lady that everyone said hurt. ; ;
After everything is over we go to Ootoya and proceed to take it over. 14 Gaijin all packed into this tiny store. We end up staying for FOUR HOURS. At first we are talking quietly but by hour 2 we are LOUD. We don't get kicked out but that was probably because we all kept buying drinks!

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