My first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth trips to Akihabara were.....amazing! I absolutely love just walking around Akihabara. I don't even have to buy anything but it is very hard not to!

I've been to Akihabara numerous times. I didn't bring a camera everytime but a few times I have. There are so many shops that you could easily spend 3 entire days there and still not see them all.


There are the main shops such as Gamers, Animate, Mandarake, Sofmap, Toranoana, Kotobukiya, Kaiyodo, Volks, Dospara, Yodobashi, and Sega. Then there are the minishops who's names I cannot remember except Leonardo. There are so many little shops that contain many little gems.


The old Radio Kaikan building was just full of goodies. From Azone and Volks to K-Books and Kotobukiya. It is unfortunate that the building had to be taken down. Now all those shops have scattered to new locations.


The new Volks showroom is gorgeous though! One entire building of just goodies. The third floor is all Dollfies, the second floor is all Volks figures and Gunpla, the first floor is mainly used goods.


I haven't found the new K-books location yet but it was a very nice store where you could get used goods, figures, etc for decent prices. The new Kaiyodo, Kotobukiya, and Azone are all in the Radio Hall building that is right across from Gamers.


As for Gamers, Animate, Toranoana, they are all places you should visit but be prepared to spend hours in each one. If you are female then make sure you don't enter the Male section of Toranoana. Their building is split in two. One for females, one for males. I made the mistake of going up the entire female side before I noticed the sign said this side was all female stuff. Yaoi is just not my thing.....


The best thing to do in AKihabara is just wander around and visit as many places as you can. Just walk down the street and enter every shop and look around. Who knows, you might find something you really want!


Akihabara is definitely one of my favorite places. Sankeien Gardens was beautiful and historic. One side of Japan that I love. Akihabara is another side, another side I love.


There are pictures in the Gallery under the Akihabara section.

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