So I went to Shibuya today....

Shibuya was an interesting experience, however it is not a place I will visit to often. There are a lot of people and I mean a lot. Everywhere was crowded with people.The sidewalks, the stores, everything.It was cool seeing how organized it was. Organized chaos is a good term. I could probably sit there and watch Shibuya crossing for hours. Just amazing to me.


The Hachiko statue was nice to look at but there were so many people around it. When I walked up to take a picture I got stared at by everyone like I was doing something wrong. Maybe it is because I was alone? Everyone there was with someone ^^;


I do have a video of the crossing that I took that I need to upload to youtube. There are many pictures in the gallery section.


There are tons of stores if you want to do some shopping (not my thing). I did visit Mandarake and while the store had more space to walk in than their Akihabara store, the store contained less goods. However, I did find a Marisa Kirisame keychain that I liked. ^^


No other store really attracted me but that is because I don't like clothes shopping haha. I usually get like 2 outfits a year and they last me 4-5 years.


Once again, Shibuya is a nice place! However, for me it is not a place I will go often. I am not a big clothes shopper. Still, I'd recommend going and walking around. It is a very interesting place! 

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