Summer Wonder Festival 2011

This was my first time going to Wonder Festival. Let me start off with saying it was a blast!


I left from Hemi station at 5:03am and headed for Makuhari Messe. It was a  2 hour train ride.

The first station I stopped at was Yokohama. From there I went to Tokyo station. At Tokyo station I walked over 1KM to the Keiyo line and headed to Kaihin Makuhari station. When there I followed all the people heading to Makuhari Messe.


I got in line around 7:10am and by that time the line had wrapped around to the back already. The line was fine until the sun rose high enough in the sky to hit us. For about an hour everyone was being beat on by the sun.

Around 10:15am I finally entered WonFes. I did not know where to go first so I just started walked around and looking. The first booth that caught my eye was the Nitro+ booth. They had a Mirai banner up and I thought they might have it for sale. Sadly they didn't but I did get a nice poster and bag from them!

Then I walked over and got a free bag from AmiAmi and some goodies from Good Smile Company. Then I headed over to Hobby Japan for their lottery. After waiting in their line for about 45 minutes I go to the front and bought 5 tickets. I got their first prize too ^^! It is a bath house door drape. After that I walked over and got a ticket to line up from Banpresto for their lottery. My time to line up was 2PM.

Since the time was nearing 12PM I headed over to Kotobukiya and saw Mr. Danny Choo standing there taking pictures. I headed up and said hello. Handed over my business card that I didn't have the previous time we met. He handed me his card and we chatted for a bit before he had to go get read for his panel at Kotobukiya. I stood there and chatted with his camera man, who was filming for Culture Japan. Really nice guy!


Danny's panel started and I was standing up front. There was a few other foreigners there too. The panel covered Otacool 1, 2, and 3. I was in Otacool 1 and 3. Danny pointed me out when he talked about Otacool 3 and the announcer made a big deal and asked me to say something. As I was bright red and shy all I said was thank you and no thanks! It was a good panel though!

After the panel I decided to start taking more pictures. I was carrying a bunch of bags so it made this a bit tricky.


I visited the AmiAmi, Alter, Kotobukiya, Gift, Good Smile Company, and Banpresto booths to take pictures, if I was able to, of various figures that caught my eye. I did this until 1:30pm when I decided to go back to Banpresto and see if they were lining up for the 2pm lottery. Luckily they were and I got in line. Only about 10 people were in front of me.


We stood there waiting for the 1:30pm line to dwindle. When there was about 10 people in the lottery line, our line was allowed to enter the ropes. Eventually I got on deck and was waiting for the next available spot to go up and draw my 5 tickets (5 is the max you can get. 600yen each ticket). I noticed there was only 5 more 1st place prizes, 3 more 2nd place and a ton of the rest.


Finally I went up and drew my 5 tickets. On the first ticket I got....1st place! The lady rang the bell and I heard some groans behind me. My next 4 tickets were all prize E(5th place prize). I got 4 clear file folders with Kyubey all over them. I gave two of them to my friend Haku because I'm nice like that...sometimes XD

After leaving with my goodies I met up with Haku at the AmiAmi booth and we toured around some more. Eventually it was around 3pm and we headed over to the non-enterprise section, 1st time for me over there, and looked around a bit. I decided that next WonFes I would spend more time over here because they had some great stuff.


Around 3:45pm Haku and his friends headed off and I decided to walk around and take a few more pictures. Around 4:30pm I decided to finally leave WonFes. It felt a bit sad leaving, which is evidence enough that I enjoyed it!

On the train back I met a nice elderly gentleman. We had a nice 30 minute conversation in Japanese, even though my Japanese is really bad. He still understood and I surprisingly understood a lot of what he said. It was a nice end to a good day!


If you ever get the chance to go to WonFes then go! There are a lot of free goodies and plenty of other goodies! If they have lotteries then enter them! You will get more than what you paid!

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