Reentry Permit Trip

This day ended up with me walking about 35KM. However, I got to see a lot of things around Tokyo!

The day started off with a trip up to Yurakucho station, which is near the Ministry of Justice, which is where an Immigration Office is. I had called up there last friday to verify that there was an immigration office there and was told there was.


I met my friend Rob in Yokohama and we headed up to Yurakucho station. We both needed to get Reentry Permits. If you don't have a reentry permit and you leave the country, your visa becomes invalid. So best to not leave without one! ^^


When we arrived at Yurakucho we headed the wrong direction but luckily not to far. We found a map and used the GPS on our phones to locate the Ministry of Justice. We promptly turned around and headed the right direction.


We went around to what we thought was the entrance but there were guards checking ID cards of people entering. I took out my reentry permit form and showed it to the guard. He told us the entrance for immigration was on the other side of the block. Back we go to the other side.


Once we got to the other side there were more guards checking IDs. So once again I show them my form and the guard then hands me a piece of paper that says to go to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Office that is back in...Shinagawa. I was a bit annoyed. I was told I could come here but now I am being told to go spend another hour traveling down to Shinagawa.


Rob and I decided to just walk to Shimbashi station, which is a good 15 minute walk. We stopped in at Yoshinoya to have some gyudon for breakfast!


Eventually we made our way to Shinagawa and decided to walk to the Immigration Office. BAD IDEA. It is a good 30 minute walk to the place. Take a BUS.


Once we got there we just followed the signs and got a number. I was number 304 and they were just calling number 203. It was 10:53am and I was eventually seen at 11:40am. Pretty quick. However, once I walked up the lady said I couldn't pay there. I had to go back downstairs, into the conbini and buy a 3000yen stamp (about $45USD). So I went down and got my stamp then came back up and handed her the paperwork that shows I paid my money. Then I got to sit in line until they put a little sticker in my passport. Eventually around Noon we left. Thank god. Did I mention there was NO AC and the place was BLAZING HOT? No? Well it was and it sucked.


We hopped on a bus back to Shinagawa station. No way we were going to walk it.


After that ordeal we headed up to Asakusa to look at the shrine. It is a pretty amazing place with tons, and I mean tons, of tourists. I haven't seen so many foreigners in once place ever. There were tons of shops everywhere too. I went up and tossed some money in but I prayed to God and Jesus(Sorry, I'm a Christian). Then I went and drew a fortune....I got the worst luck possible hahahahaha. Rob then got a fortune and he drew one that was the 2nd worst luck possible. We tied them to the lines and I went to draw another. I go so-so luck this time. That is something I can live with XD


After taking tons of pictures, which you can see in the gallery, we decided to head to Ginza to look at the Sony building. Not much to talk about there really. A building with a bunch of Sony products. Almost every display was showing off 3D (which gives me a giant headache so I stay away from it).


After that we decided to WALK to Akihabara. Rob's GPS said it would take 11 minutes. Maybe if we were sprinting it would take double that. We gave up walking after 20 minutes and got on the subway at Nihonbashi (Why do they spell it Nihombashi????) and took it to Kanda then walked the rest of the way (2 minutes) to Akihabara.


I'm not going to talk about Akihabara except to say just go visit it!


Asakusa shrine is a place you should visit. You get a good view of the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Asahi giant golden TURD. XD

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    Your articles are more than wow! And also the best way to make understand the things mentioned in it.

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