About Syaostudios

Alias: Syaoran


Country of Residence: Japan

Nationality: American


Current Occupation: English Instructor


Previous Occupations: Political Scientist, Computer Consultant, Computer Bench Technician, Military Information Systems Management Specialist, Salesman.


Interests: Computers, Technology, Education, Japanese, English, Anime, Manga, Video Games, Politics, Culture, History, Science.


Statement: This site is more of a simple place to post my pictures, thoughts, and sales. With that said, what I will say about myself is that I am a Jack-of-all trades. I have worked at many different types of jobs and yet I've succeeded at each of them. I feel I can do anything I put my mind to. I think the next thing I may do is open a business in Japan that has nothing to do with computers, anime, or politics. Perhaps it will be a coffee and bread shop?


Why Syaostudios? Honestly I have no idea. I've been using the alias Syaoran for over 10 years and most people just call me Sy or Syao. I just added the studios because its "my" workshop.


I will eventually add more here but for now here is a dancing Reimu.

Feel free to chant "Neko Miko Reimu" while watching.

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