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What can I say about A-channel except it is my favorite show of the spring. It reminds me of Hidamari Sketch. I love the 4-koma type anime series, they are light and warmhearted. They are my anti-depressant.


Sadly, most people hate the series simply because of that very reason. Of course I bet most of the people who say they hate it seceretly watch it.


Kinda like the people who claim they hate Fox News because it currently is the "cool thing" to do right now. I bet most of them actually like it.

Kimi ni Todoke S2

I finally decided to sit down and start this series and it is panning out exactly like the first season.


Sadako is cute but also drives me insane with her constant second-guessing herself. Instead of doing what is in her heart she just gets overly scared. Yes, it is her character but it still just drives me up a wall. She still hasn't learned a single thing this whole time from the trials she has went through. She KNOWS Kurumi lies all the time yet she still believe what she says. Normally characters learn and progress but it feels like Sadako hasn't learned anything and is almost regressing. 


Of course I'll keep watching it because for some reason I still enjoy it, even if Sadako drives me crazy. XD

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